Shale Room

Shale Room is for children 18 months to 2 and a half years of age. There are 12 spaces available in Shale Room with an educator ratio of 1:6.

In Shale our children are beginning to discover their connection to the earth, and earthly materials such as mud and water. The children are often found being introduced to a variety of sensory materials, and sensory play. This is something that young children are known for as they are in the sensorimotor development stage, as Piaget states. Some things that we notice about the children in the classroom is that they are curious, explorers and are excited for everyday! The last thing that distinguishes our environment and classrooms is the relationships that are created between the children, educators, and community. The relationship allows them to fully reach their potential and creates comfort and trust amongst everyone. We welcome you to a fun, nurturing, and exciting, Shale Room!

Age Group Classroom Size Caregivers
18 to 24 months 18 children 3 (1:6 ratio)