Jasper Room

Jasper Room is the oldest of our four daycare programs at Primrose Place Family Centre. Jasper Room is for children 4 to 6 years old. There are 20 spaces available in Jasper Room with a educator ratio of 1:8. When the majority of the children are 4 and a half years old the educator ratio changes to 1:10.

In Jasper, the children often have had exposure to a variety of classrooms, experiences, and educators. This allows them to take initiative in their play on a regular basis. Again, their is a reciprocal relationship with the educator being a co-learner alongside the children. The children bring joy to others and projects an aura of wholeness and peace. We welcome you to a classroom full of confidence, novelty, and intentions!

Age Group Classroom Size Caregivers
4 to 6 years 16 children 2 (1:8 ratio)