Quartz Room

Quartz Room is for children 17 months to 38 months old. There can be up to 18 children in Quartz Room with a educator ratio of 1:6.

In Quartz, we notice the children amplifying their energy as they start to understand their world, and are starting to make sense of it. The children in the classroom exemplify inspiration and creativity as they look through experiences with the lens of a toddler. This is something we value as educators, and often adopt the philosophy from them to slow down, and embrace each moment.  The experiences provided in the classroom encompass a multi-model approach; sand, water, sensory, art, play dough, dramatic play, music, and manipulative. We welcome you to a thrilling, engaging, and busy classroom!

Age Group Classroom Size Caregivers
19 months to 30 months 18 children 3 (1:6 ratio)